Sailing trip and island hiking

On this active trip for nature lovers you will experience the impressive mountain world and the world on the water. On our sailing trip, the ship is quasi floating hostel and means of transportation at the same time and takes us to the most beautiful swimming and hiking spots in the region.

The combination of sailing and hiking unites the two perspectives and is becoming more and more popular. The best of both worlds - on a hiking tour outdoor enthusiasts feel the freedom of sailing and discover new shores day by day. How easy or difficult the tour is, can be arranged individually, but somewhere down below the clear water of the sea beckons again. Quickly out of the hiking gear and into the turquoise water. And after a break on board, it's time to set sail, and the ship glides majestically towards the next lonely bay - the next section of coast to be discovered. That is the beauty of such a sailing trip with island hiking - it combines the boundless expanse of the sea with ever new landscape experiences - an unbeatable combination. And because we always sail with a skipper, you don't even need sailing skills.


Honestly, the main problem for hikers is to reach the wonderful destinations at all. Only with the ship you can get to know these unknown and extraordinary hiking trails. The sailor knows both perspectives on a cruise: on shore excursions he explores the coast and looks for views to the sea and from the sea he sees the coast as it is hidden to landlubbers. The combination of sailing and hiking unites the two perspectives and is becoming increasingly popular.

HIKING AND SAILING | Sailing, Hiking, Swimming (Egremni, Lefkas)


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