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Authentic, traditional and varied, Epirotic cuisine is characterized by the unspoiled, wild nature and the way of life between the mountain and the sea. It combines the simplicity of traditional regional recipes with the unobtrusive hospitality. Feta from Epirus is justly famous, as are buttermilk and hard cheeses. Also typical are various meat dishes, such as the goat meat in a pot with wild vegetables, or the pita made of homemade puff pastry, filled with whatever is available regionally and seasonally - wild herbs, pumpkin, cheese and still other delicacies.

Give in to an embrace of the colors and aromatic smells of nature, enjoy the sunrise from the mountain peaks and be pampered by the warm hospitality of the people of Epirus. Live a new experience in a place far from mass tourism, which has remained authentic and picturesque.

ADVENTURE HIKING | Arrived in Syrrako, fresh lachanopita, creative "recycling".

adventure hiking_syrrako_stavraetos


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