Wild gorges and untouched nature

Way to Tzoumerka

Tzoumerka is a region of overwhelming beauty, a landscape full of harmonious harmony between the mountains, the rich vegetation and the clear waters. The mountain massif is crossed by the river Arachthos and the many mountain rivers. These conditions are ideal for rafting! Narrow gorges, steep rock faces and crystal clear water invite you to an unforgettable experience.

Impressive scenery and spectacular flora and fauna provide the backdrop to ancient ruins and medieval castles, monasteries, arched bridges and picturesque villages of unique beauty and rich tradition. Stone-built churches, with their architectural features, wooden carved altars and ancient icons, stone-built houses with skipper plates - in Epirus you will get to know Greece on the border of cultures and landscapes, between Pindos and the Ionian Sea.

Dimitri Margonis | On the way to Tzoumerka, Monolithi Bridge, Strogoula

Strogoula Tzoumerka
Plaka Arachthos Tzoumerka

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Je hektischer das Leben desto stärker die Sehnsucht nach bleibenden Werten und nachhaltiger Lebensweise. Bereits bei der Gründung der Mediteron – Life & Nature GmbH vor 10 Jahren war das richtungsweisend. Damals wie heute macht diese Erkenntnis die Vision und die Begeisterung unserer Individualreisen aus,
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