Time hangs still over rocks and pines

Matsouki Kakarditsa
Kalarytes Xenonas

The passing of the seasons in Tzoumerka (Athamanika) follows its own quiet rhythms. Words like awe and admiration are not enough to describe the splendor of wild nature. Tzoumerka with Kakarditsa and Lakmos are the most important mountains of the region (2393 m). Above the gorges, with their vertical cliffs and fir trees, time seems to stand still The abundant flowing water and impressive waterfalls explain the omnipresent dense flora and quench your thirst - in every sense of the word.

Papachristos Matsouki Tzoumerka

If you're lucky, you'll encounter bears, wolves, moose and other smaller species. But we are guaranteed to meet friendly, authentic people who warmly and courteously welcome everyone.

Dimitri Margonis | From the monastery Viliza to Matsuki, view of Kakarditsa (2429m), with everything in place...


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