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The local cooking tells a lot about the culture of everyday life. More even, it is the bridge to the nature. The gastronomical culture, marked by the omnipresent mountains, complements the cultural identity of Epirus. According to the centuries-old tradition, the special festivals in honor of the village saint are held in the equally ancient square under the plane tree. Pites are the main dish with or without optional. It is accompanied by wild herbs or cheese. The menu also includes dairy products and goat meat from the oven with potatoes. Fish is also part of the menu, after all Amvarikos is not far away.

Famous are the grilled sardines of Koronisia and especially the fried shrimps. Not to forget the trout from Arachthos or mountain lakes, which are grilled and served with garlic and goat butter. The whole region exudes an aura of authenticity, deeply rooted in the soul of this barren but unobtrusively hospitable region.

Dimitri Margonis | Fresh sardines and shrimps in Koronisia, light and colors...

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