A hiking tour in the mountains and on the sea

The best of both worlds - on a hiking trip outdoor enthusiasts feel the freedom of sailing and discover new shores day by day. The path winds steeply down to the bay. The tour is long and strenuous, but at the bottom the clear waters of the sea already beckon. Quickly out of the sweaty hiking clothes and into the waves - a great pleasure. Then it's time to set sail, and the ship glides majestically toward the next lonely bay - the next stretch of coast to be discovered. That's the beauty of a walking tour: It combines the boundless expanse of the sea with ever new landscape experiences - an unbeatable combination. And because we always travel with a skipper, you don't even need sailing skills.

The sailing route, hikes and all other activities are planned but not set in stone, so you can adapt and change them together. When it comes to the kitchen plan and tasting on board, everyone works together, planning and organizing there as well, but ultimately depending on the situation. This approach has always proven successful so far. Discover and experience from ever new perspectives - at the latest when you return to your familiar surroundings, you notice how the horizon has changed.

Dimitri Margonis | Sailing and discover, hiking, Egremni (Lefkas)

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The more hectic life becomes, the stronger the longing for lasting values and a sustainable way of life. Already at the foundation of Mediteron – Life & Nature GmbH 10 years ago this was trend-setting. At that time as well as today this realization makes up the vision and the enthusiasm of our individual travels, as a new way of seeing the world as a whole.