Genuine and unspoiled

Authentic, traditional and varied - the Epirotic cooking is characterized by the untouched, wild nature and the way of life between mountain and sea. It combines the simplicity of the traditional regional recipes with the unobtrusive hospitality. The feta from Epirus is rightly famous, as well as the buttermilk and the hard cheese. Also typical are various meat dishes, such as goat meat in a pot with wild vegetables, or the pita made of homemade puff pastry, which are filled with everything that is available regionally and seasonally - wild herbs, pumpkin, cheese and still other delicacies. 


Surrender to an embrace of colors and aromatic smells of nature, enjoy the sunrise from the mountain tops and be pampered by the warm hospitality of the people of Epirus. Live a new experience in a place far from mass tourism, which has remained authentic and picturesque.

Dimitri Margonis | On the way to Syrrako, fresh Lachanopita, creative "Recycling"


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The more hectic life becomes, the stronger the longing for lasting values and a sustainable way of life. Already at the foundation of Mediteron – Life & Nature GmbH 10 years ago this was trend-setting. At that time as well as today this realization makes up the vision and the enthusiasm of our individual travels, as a new way of seeing the world as a whole.