Getting inspired

The more hectic life becomes, the greater the longing for lasting values and sustainable living. This thought was already the core idea when Mediteron - Life & Nature GmbH was founded more than 10 years ago. Then as now, it is the philosophy behind our adventure tours. Coupled with the passion to show the authentic and diverse sides that Greece has to offer. Beautiful beaches, great weather, impressive historical sights and get to know warm people. From the moment you arrive you will feel welcome and at the end of the trip you will take with you more than just vacation memories - a touch of the Greek sunny disposition that makes everything easier in everyday life.

You have already noticed that we do not arrange a typical "travel package"; the word "package" alone is not really promising for an adventure trip, is it? From us you get individual travel planning, selected routes and a personal guide - nothing off the shelf, we guarantee you that!


Life itself is a journey

The greatest attraction of any journey is the unknown. The sense of it is at the core of my itineraries. Traveling with an open mind and heart and looking forward to the unknown adds a new dimension to the journey, a different perspective on things.

Maybe you want to know something about me, how and what is behind?
I am from Tzoumerka in Epirus, I went to Austria at a young age, studied there and lived the formative years of growing up. Through longtime friendships and the great things I've adopted from the Austrian mentality, I feel very close to Austria. Serenity, the good and genuine and sociable togetherness I appreciate very much. You don't need much to be satisfied, "nua guad muas es sei" - as they say in the alpine villages! 

The love of nature, combined with mindfulness of everything that happens around us, are what drive me. My travels are all about experiencing these values as well, by walking through familiar and unfamiliar paths, by talking during our culinary explorations, or by sailing through the Ionian Islands. Explore with me extraordinary places, rustic and mysterious, rich in culture, colors and tastes.

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With friends and specialists

In addition to the local expertise, enthusiasm coupled with the understanding of values is the common thread, both for a meaningful cooperation and for sincere friendship. I like to surround myself with familiar people who, like me, are on extraordinary paths in Greece and are always enthusiastic about new things. So I can put together a trip according to your wishes, to the most beautiful places and combinations in Greece.

In particular, I work a lot with Maria Ramisch. She is from Ionian Yacht Charter, a German-Greek family business with years of experience, with a fleet of high quality equipment and personal attention provide. Discover the Ionian islands in the footsteps of Ulysses and relax under the Mediterranean sun. (Ionian Yacht Charter)

The good and real

Are you interested in a culinary trip to Greece? Or are you at the next event on the Mediterranean way of life?

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A journey of good taste

The Mediterranean nutrition is a balanced diet based on the Mediterranean cooking and eating habits. Statistics have shown, among other things, that the people of Crete live longer and healthier on average than the rest. The decisive factor for this has been recognized in the dietary habits that are reflected in the recommendations of the Mediterranean diet. 

The special thing about the Mediterranean diet is not the adherence to a menu. The foods are too varied for that. What is healthy is not the choice of foods alone, but their combination. And while eating in company is becoming increasingly rare elsewhere, here everything goes to the center of the table and everyone can help themselves. This not only promotes togetherness, but also strengthens psychological well-being.

It is this aspect that makes my passion for authentic Greek specialties, handmade according to traditional recipes. And it's more than the selected specialties, it's about a special taste journey to authentic and unique areas.


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